Sergio Endrigo - La prima compagnia (English translation)

English translation

The first companionship

If there's someone who has given so much and little have they had
You certainly aren't my friend
Me tonight I'm drinking to the health
Of my first companionship
I want to talk about love
Just what I payed
In this life so much greed
We pay everything and well weighed
Easy love in an hour's time
Where you don't play your life
There's a little love but never any pain
Close the door and then it's over
I'm a man, not a saint
There's times I've put on a façade
And then I got it free though I'm not boasting
I took was looking for tenderness
Then we spoke in private
Of old family stories
Of sad things and violence
Of who gives nothing and takes everything
I have neither shame nor regrets
Neither questions nor answers
I've lose the days and they are many
But I remember them and that much is enough
The thing that was well worth the cost
And the fear and repentance
The night everyone else stayed in
And we went against the wind
But when I meet her out on the street
It makes me a little sad
And I always think about where it falls
The flower of youth
If there's anyone who's given much and had little
You sure aren't my friend
Tonight I'm singing and I salute her
My first ever love
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La prima compagnia

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