flamma idola (English translation)

English translation

Flamma Idola

In an old cathedral's crypt, where case's glass is cracked
Wisdom and magic's tricks are created, with the Apostles and the Venered Doll
Diamant's impure eye left with the white magnetic porcelain cheeks
Resuscitating the Apocalypse Revelation, losing consciousness while psalmoding It
I am the Angel who acts from its own will
EL ELION ELION Oh Lost child
Let us save you from that pain
Let us make your meaning to live and sins disappear too
Let me burn you with the flamma idola (Sacred Flame)
Why are you having such a frightened face ? Are you crying ?
Come on, let's have a waltz now, let's have fun !
I am a dancing from my own will
EL ELION ELION Burn it out
Match your rhythm to the sound of the bells'
Your dreams and Love have already disappeared
Sparks spending the night dancing in circle
I am the Angel who acts from its own will, is what I believe !
Why am I crying?
My body is immortal, not like other people's
Ah, take off my heart if you want it...
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flamma idola