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To get up again, Actually
I have to push myself a little bit
Even though I mumbled to myself "I am not alone"
The pain I feel is only mine
What is the thing only I can do?
Although nobody would notice even if my days ended
At least I will try to keep going
Towards tomorrow repeatedly
What can't I forgive? What do I want to be forgiven for?
The small light that will end someday
Now somewhere in the world, a traffic light that turned green
A coin that jumped and made sounds, sigh, rolling wheels
The noise of life that nobody knows, close my eyes, a piece of it
Where were you? I am here
Surely, always
I prayed for my wish many times
I could never make it come true and gave up
Never forget, but never remember it, either
You can see the moon that is for you
The fact you endured and couldn't sleep at all
And walk with a face as if you don't remember anything
Seeing familiar face reflected in shop window
Walk side by side so that it won't be alone
Were you looking for something? And you have lost something?
The small light that sings thinly
No matter how much pain you hold somewhere in a huge planet
No matter what kind of things you dropped, the morning paints over everything
Wake up again and never drop any piece of the noise of loneliness
Sadly, even with my broken heart, I can smile
No matter how weak it is, the small light keeps burning
Again somewhere in the world, a traffic light that turned green
A rolling coin that nobody picked up, blink, orchestra
A peace of noise that shouted wordlessly in the palm
Even with a broken heart, a body craves to breathe
As many heartbeats as the number of stars
Mixed, avoid, come and go each other
It's an intersection like a maze, don't worry, you can cross it
Without losing the noise of life that nobody knows even a piece of it
Where are you? I have been here
Surely, always Surely, always
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I have been a huge fan of Bump of Chicken for more than 15 years!
4/10 I made some corrections.

Flare (Flare)

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