Fleurs du mal (English translation)

  • Artist: Sarah Brightman
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The Flowers of Evil

Is it you I keep thinking of?
Should I feel like I do?
I've come to know that I miss your love
While I'm not missing you
we run
till it's gone
And the flowers of evil
won't let you be
You hold the key to an open door
Will I ever be free?
The Flowers of Evil unfold
As the flower of evil
Dark demons of my soul
A fatal love
Been tryin' hard to fight
As the flower of evil
The flowers of evil inside
A fatal love
All my life I've been waiting for
in this perfume of pain
To forget when I needed more
of love's endless refrain
We live
and we pray
for the flowers of evil
I've lost my way
What is done will return again
Will I ever be free?
The flowers of evil
As the flowers of evil
A fatal love
As the flowers of evil
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Author's comments:

« Les Fleurs du mal » is a reference to a compilation of poems written by the French poet Charles Baudelaire.

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Fleurs du mal

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