Thalía - Flor de juventud (English translation)

English translation

Flower of Youth

Hello. How are you? This letter is for you,
full of fear, full of pain.
And this flower of my youth
that I cut for you, proof of my love.
That night when everything ended
I felt as if I were dying, I wanted to hold you.
The telephone aided me in
taking courage and being able to lie.
We were as one while we sailed upon
the tricks that love pulls (on everyone);
we were the breeze, and we were the sea,
in a world made of crystal.
Tears that express my frailty
while feigning confidence in my speech.
Two titans in love, two equestrians flying,
one love to care for, innocence, honesty,
one heart with which to dream.
Thank you for your kisses, for your heart,
for the embraces which helped me sleep.
Thank you for your struggle, for believing in me,
for your happiness, and for loving again.
We were a soul, and we were peace,
"Liberty" was our motto.
When you close your eyes I will be there;
you will live in me, and I will love in your place.
And this flower of youth of mine will bloom again.
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Flor de juventud

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Guest    Sat, 22/07/2017 - 17:13

¡Gracias amigo! Tienes un gran corazón,
eres un ángel.

A.S.M    Sat, 22/07/2017 - 23:09

Во благо!!! и ты тоже ангел!!!