Shaban & Käptn Peng - Flotten von Mutanten (English translation)

English translation

Armadas of mutants

With this we want to ask the advanced
to nod their heads, to fall into their centre
and to shake their hips, now
rhythms are ridden, chains are torn apart and broken
and all straitjackets are cut into pieces.
The inmates wake up,
they dismissed themselves from the institution,
with loosened screws they built closets
without cups and laughing burst
their knots.
Guards thought "The spazzes!", lost it and
gave us 120 volt from the electrical cubicle in the house,
we twitched and spat, the guards splurged
and laughed, they thought, no synapses can
Stand the burden, they put uns into
Boxes to which they applied cables
to spark our fear and tap our strength, they thought, they would
succeed in
benighting us, so that we would never
wake up from the coma again.
"But if they look to the horizon, the guards must turn pale."
Because all the ships of our armada have been launched.
Armadas of mutants
(on the horizon) Armadas of mutants
(conquered by) Armadas of mutants
Look there, behind you, mutants,
that trample down on all the junk while dancing.
We turn over to change, no time to
waste, we board transmitters of all countries in
covered garments,
guide thoughts through sounds, revive sick
ground, because when you feel trembling walls all talk
has an end,
and you feel it, jump up, cast off, give up,
go off, shout out, go crazy, set out,
you got infected and you still don't know,
you think you're riding but it's riding you,
your legs glide, your face goes off the rails,
grimaces grow on you, but that doesn't faze you,
you let everything fall, leg, arms and neck,
it sent you over a border,
You think you're going crazy, because suddenly it
clicks, you feel it twitching in yourself, there's no going back
the mutation starts,
4321 abracadabra,
unstoppable like fluid lava,
the virus comes and makes a clean sweep,
stop with the spiel of mental corpses,
sixteen tentacles grow on your brain,
with them you grab the whole spectacle,
you transform this whole debacle,
check the matrix and cut the cables,
you programmed carbon now on silicon,
the virus created a new messenger
to release the complete potential,
that which slumbers in you is woken up and you shine
the knots away, crack the codes and put them
away, discover the dirt that is in the info
with which you are fed day and night,
it almost made you lose your mind,
but the messengers soon recognized the maneuver and
inflamed their beacons -
for the armadas of mutants.
Armadas of mutants on the horizon,
Armadas of mutants,
Armadas of mutants are already conquering,
Armadas of mutants,
Armadas of mutants,
Armadas of mutants,
Invasion of the armadas of mutants,
Look there, behind you! Mutants!
That trample down on all the junk while dancing.
The mutation begins,
the damn mutation begins.
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Author's comments:

to "have all their closets wthout cups" = to be crazy


Flotten von Mutanten

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