修羅の花 (Shura no hana) (English translation)

  • Artist: Meiko Kaji (梶芽衣子)
  • Song: 修羅の花 (Shura no hana) 10 translations
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修羅の花 (Shura no hana)

死んでいた朝に とむらいの雪が降る
はぐれ犬の遠吠え 下駄の音きしむ
いんがなおもさ みつめて歩く
闇を抱きしめる 蛇の目の傘一つ
いのちの道を行く女 涙はとうに捨てました
ふりむいた川に 遠ざかる旅の灯が
凍てた鶴は動かず 哭いた雨と風
冷えた水面に ほつれ髪映し
涙さえ見せない 蛇の目の傘一つ
怨みの道を行く女 心はとうに捨てました
義理も情も 涙も夢も
昨日も明日も 縁のない言葉
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Flower of Asura

Versions: #1#2#3
Funeral snow is falling in the dead morning
Howling of a stray dog, squeaky wooden clogs,
Carrying the weight of fate, I walk with my eyes fixes
Embracing the darkness, only with a Janome-umbrella
I go my own way of life, long ago I've thrown away my tears
At the river I turn around and see the lights of the journey fade
A moveless frozen crane, howling rain and wind
My stray hair reflects on the surface of the cold water
Not even showing tears, only with a Janome-umbrella,
I go my own way of grudge, long ago I've thrown away my feelings
Duty, sympathy, tears, dreams,
Tomorrow and yesterday are words of no meaning to me
I yield my body to the river of grudge
Long ago I've thrown away my womanhood
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