Flower Drum Song (Musical) - Like a God


Like a God

Am I the man that you love?
If that is true I am more,
Something beyond and above
The man that I was before.
Like a god, with my head above the trees,
I can walk with a god-like stride.
With a step I can clear the seven seas,
When I know you are by my side.
Like a god, with a mountain in my hand
And my arm thrown around the sky.
All the world can be mine at my command
When you're near and I hear you sigh.
When you're near and I hear you sigh,
There is no sweeter song I know
With a heart full of hope I fly
Higher I go! Stronger I grow!
Like a god, I can tear away the mist
From the sky if you want it blue.
In the wake of the mist, like a goddess you'll be kissed
By a god in love with you.
Submitted by Kmiltreu on Tue, 13/03/2018 - 23:14


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