Fog (English translation)

English translation


This part of my heart is leaking
A puddle of festering falling feelings
A pile of meat called Human
Sometimes remembered shape of a deep line
Pinky promise with you
Me, covered in fog
A connection fit for the shape
The destination of these insecure feelings
What, are we going to repeat this again? Floundering,
The hole in my decaying long-gone heart is leaking air.
Someone's words just pierce it
Shameless opening and closing
Routine is avoiding, being deluded
The surface and the underside, which is which?
I can't even see.
You are fog, and the grasshopper cried, and cried.*
Painted, your eyes, look over here, crying eyes.
A park with falling pink flower petals
The sound of gold informs me. The sound of 5pm
Your eyelashes next to me are lovely
I can't put it in words, but
I want to become a puddle with you
Driven by true feelings, my mouth spun**, I'm tied, standing
Your hand, is now, now, where has it gone?
Can't be found, wherever I look it's gone
Far away, faintly, your voice calls out
But when I turned around, it was gone
Just a fallen aroma lingered
Because I can't feel, because I can't see
Reality-less scent, but, how nostalgic
Why, I wonder. For you, I...
Painted, your eyes, look over here, crying eyes.
"Wait, Wait" said sobbing passion
Just throwing a childish tantrum
The sound of the words dries up my throat
To convey a noisy, far-off, palpitation
Completed, cloudy color
There's no way back from running away
This mist that wraps up my body
Like I was with you. Pleasant.
Staying just like this would be so nice
Let's melt soon, just like this
Those dead eyes, my spouted nonsense, holding my breath
Waking up as blind garbage
A rainy day, hey, hey
Next to you I become a single drop of water
With a drip, drip, I scatter on the floor
Painted, your eyes, look over here, laughing eyes.
Love is just you, right now, laughing.
TL Note: I hope this translation was helpful for you! If anyone ever sees any errors or has any suggestions about my translations, please let me know. -nmuth
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Author's comments:

*Fog=Kiri, Grasshopper = Kirigiri, so this is a play on words.
Also two definition of "cried": The first refers to tears, the second, to calling out.

**It's unclear if this means spun as in spun up with some sort of thread, or spun as in speak/spin(a tale). Probably a little of both!



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