Forever Young (English translation)

  • Artist: Eve Ai (艾怡良)
  • Song: Forever Young
  • Translations: English
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Forever Young

As blubbering as a child,
and as quiet and stable as an adult
I've lived through ups, and downs, ups and downs,
There's an hourglass swinging on my mind
Time have made wrinkles spread and I acquiesced in that
and I've grabbed what I care tighter.
I don’t allow myself to muddle along life and to take everything seriously.
It’s not about fate, it’s about what I love wholeheartedly instead.
Oh time, please come to me
If it happens again, I’ll still spend everything to
find you like there’s no tomorrow
Oh time, please walk away
I’m still the girl that
loves like there’s no tomorrow.
Forever young, forever young.
I learned to look afar without letting go.
How proud I am! This is my bones and fresh.
Am I right? You love the way I am deeply, don’t you?
I tell every girl I meet, "you should fall in love like that."
Forever young, forever young.
She’s blubbering like an infant
I told her that she should become a believer and lay down quietly
Close your palms for love. Because, you will
live vertically and linger horizontally
I traced the process
I cut it, and folded it into something eternal
I, without knowing, without knowing it,
drew the shape of me into the shape of you, oh...
Oh time, please come to me
I’ve also hurt you
I had everything yet longed for more
I was still looking for more... Oh time, please go
I’ve wandered for you
I’m still like this, and I’m willing to do this again
Forever young, forever young
I've never forgotten how to love someone
After 20 years, I’m still reckless yet all of the efforts are not in vain
Am I right? You love me that way I am wholeheartedly, do you?
If I leave someday, I’ll tell him
Oh dear, you should sing like there’s no tomorrow
Forever young, oh, oh
Forever young, oh, oh
Forever young
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