Any good Dutch artists?

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Good morning,

As a new Dutch learner, I would like to practice my pronunciation through music.
Do you have any interesting and good songs to suggest?

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I don't know much Dutch music (nor do I speak Dutch), but how about the folk metal band Heidevolk?

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I don't know what kind of music you like, but indeed, Heidevolk is one band that comes to mind. Other bands are Fluisterwoud, VanKatoen, Onheil, Wapenspraak & Drinkgelag, Garmenhoord and Heideroosjes.
And then there's Fleddy Melculy. I can't really describe it. Is humour-metal a thing? If no, now it's a thing.

There is an entire genre dedicated to Dutch hip-hop music called Nederhop, so you could check that out. I don't listen to much hip-hop, but I do enjoy the rapper Typhoon. Other rap/hip-hop artists/formations that come to mind are Gers Pardoel, The Opposites, Brainpower, Opgezwolle, Osdorp Posse, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and DAC/De Amersfoortse Coöperatie.

And then, of course, there's the Dutch version of schlager music. I won't go into it that much, mainly because I don't listen to it at all.

Warning: all links are links to YouTube, except for the "entire genre dedicated to Dutch hip-hop music" and the thing about Dutch schlager, those are Wikipedia pages.

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Thank you both of you Regular smile
I will test all of this right know!

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As another fellow new Dutch learner, I also looked for some new Dutch music, which is harder than quite a lot of languages as almost all Dutch artist I know sings exclusively in English. I would say the most popular/legendary artist that sings in Dutch is most probably be Guus Meeuwis, his song Het is een nacht was a massive hit in the Netherlands and Belgium, so not only is it a good song, but you'll most probably be able to have a good sing along with Dutch friends.

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I'm also a new Dutch learner and have been looking for Dutch music to help me with vocab and pronunciation. So far Ive found lots of stuff but not much I actually like in terms of genre.

There are a couple of catchy songs by a guy called Nielson where he sings clearly and it's easy to understand the sound of the words. See his "sexy als ik dans" for example. Another catchy pop song is by a guy called Jayh who sang "mooie dag" which has a cool video too. But I don't really like his other stuff too much. To be honest this kind of pop doesn't really do it for me, but at least they sing clearly and it helps me to get the sound of the language right.

Blof are a pretty decent Dutch rock band and lots of their songs have been translated on here so if you like rock/indie guitar sounds then they could be worth listening to. The singer generally sings clearly and is easy to understand. I'd recommend "Danzen an Zee", "Was je maar heer" and "alles is liefde".

Something else that I found that seems really crazy are the carnival songs they have in the Netherlands. They are strange party songs involving a "polonaise" or conga line. You can find some of these on youtube, although musically they're not that sophisticated Wink smile

Let us know if you find anything really good that you can also recommend to us.

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You should have specified your genre limits, if you have any? -- I myself tend to like chansons, or ballads, which, however, may not be your cup of tea? But some older songs, which would definitely be good for aping the pronunciation, include:

1) Cornelis Vreeswijk: "Het recht om in vrede te leven" -- is an LP of 11 Victor Jara songs, translated from Spanish into Dutch. (If you're not familiar with Victor Jara, then check him out on wikipedia!)

2) Check out songs by: Herman van Veen

3) check out songs by: 3JS

4) also check out the drinking-working-solidarity song by Bots, "Zeven dagen lang"

5) I don't know if you critically separate Flamsk from Nederlands? But if not, then you might want to also check out the group Laïs: they often also include tracks in a few other languages, (Swedish, French, Norwegian) on their CD's, but they have quite a lot of good material in Flamsk! (Mostly traditional folk songs, in three-part harmonizing.)


Note: Nrs. 6) and 7) below are more or less OUTSIDE of my OWN genre preferences, but if you're desperate enough to practice your Dutch, then you might also want to check them out as well:

6) a 47-min long compilation of oude nederlandse "Schlagers":


7) you might also want to check out songs by Corry Konings

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While we're on the subject can anyone out there translate this song for me?

I think the person who did the other translation only half finished it so that he could get some translation points. It would be great to have the rest of the song.

Dank u wel!


I second Kimmoo's suggestion of Heideroosjes, they're one of my favourite dutch groups. I really like Lil Kleine if you like rap.

Following this too, cause I like Dutch music as well because I'm also trying to learn

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Again - they are more ballads or chansons in terms of style, but you Dutch-learners will DEFINITELY want to check out:

-> STEF BOS ! ! !

There are only lyrics to two of his songs posted here on LyricsTranslate so far, (which I'm not sure are all that interesting, as songs go - I haven't listened to them yet), but there are LOADS! of music videos of many other songs by him on youtube!! - Many of which have very interesting lyrics!

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