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Good day, everyone!
I realize how possibly a lot of people here use the website not only to figure out the meaning of a song, but also to study the language in which it is sung.
Arabic learners, in this respect, may have it the most difficult, considering how Arabic dialects may vary profoundly from one to another, and how different they may seem from Modern Standard Arabic. Of course, not to mention that there's a whole new script to be studied.

For the reason of providing means for Arabic students to study the language, or any dialect of it, while being introduced to some of the most famous songs from the Middle East and North Africa, my colleague and I decided to start an initiative, a 100 translated Arabic songs initiative. We're currently on our 65th video entry, and we hope that before 2017 ends, we'd have all 100 songs uploaded on YouTube. You'll find the songs we chose translated and transliterated, with the dialect specified.

If anyone's interested, you can take a look at our channel (link below), and we wish that you find its content as helpful as we aim for it to be!


Thank you for your time!

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I am so happy to find you on our website as I've been a long-dated follower of your channel.

Your initiative and efforts are very welcome!

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Salaam and thanks for the effort.

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Thank you, guys, for such a friendly move towards Arabic learners and for a large subtitles font, in particular! I may, at last, learn to read Arabic and not just translate by ear or rely on my friends or online translators. Feel free to use my translations if you find them appropriate. Any editing or correcting on your part is no problem. Good luck! Regular smile

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Oh, it's certainly a pleasant surprise finding someone who knows of our channel here. We are trying to reach more Arabic learners who may not rely on YouTube when studying the language, and we thought of this website since we know how many people use it for the purpose of learning.
Thank you for your warm welcome, and we hope that you always find our work reliable and beneficial!

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Thank you so much! We'll be sure to credit you anytime we use any of your translations!

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Glad to read about you. Thanks for joining and helping.

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I just surfed thr channel for the first time and I'm amazed by all the efforts! The selection of songs, the videos, sound quality and the translations too! Well done guys! I will definately recommend it to people interested in Arabic music or language

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