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I came across a directory of hymns and chants from the Coptic Church. This set of lyrics is written in the Arabic script, and partially in the Latin alphabet.

I am guessing that the parts in the Arabic script are in (Egyptian?) Arabic, and that the Latin alphabet is the transliteration.

But maybe, the Latin alphabet parts are Coptic and the Arabic parts are Arabic?

I'm not at all familiar wth Arabic (or Coptic) so could an Arabic speaker please clarify?

Second question;

I'd like to add these to the site once I get this cleared up. Would the artist just be Coptic Church?

Edit: Third question:

If, by chance, the song is in Coptic, that isn't a language available on the site, so would I add the language as "other?"

Thanks everyone who can answer!

The link to the hymn:


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Since recently we have a category for music related to the Coptic Church:

The language Coptic is available - we have a category for all ancient Egyptian languages which currently only contains two texts not in Coptic and two in Coptic (one of them a translation):

Regarding which language your texts there are written in, I don't know.

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Oh, thank you. I didn't notice we had that language Regular smile

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