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This video here:

The music starts at 1:45

What is it about, who are the singers?
Do we have the lyrics here or could someone transcribe or find them on the internet?

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Yes you can find it here:الحلم-العربي-lyrics.html...

The song is hoping for a better future and union of Arab countries, that’s why it has singers from all over the Arab world.

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Thank you very much. Can you tell me, which singers participate and maybe add them as featuring artists?

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The song was produced in 1998, but got more popular late 2000. I think the page had the featuring artists but maybe someone changed it to "Group Artist".

Here is the featuring artists (in order by appearance):
- Ali Abdulsattar - Qatar (Not in LT)
- Ghada Rajab - Egypt (Not in LT)
- Sumayya Hassan - Sudan (Not in LT)
- Anushka - Egypt (Not in LT)عمر-العبداللات-lyrics.html
- Artist from Oman
- Nour Muhanna - Syria (Not in LT)
- Nasser Al-Mezdawi - Libya (Not in LT)
- Ahmed Al-Jumairi - Bahrain (Not in LT)

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Thank you!
I added the artists. Regular smile

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