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I think I discovered a bug on the artist edit page.
Sometimes you can choose there, which music genre an artist or a band belongs to, but often this configuration menu simple is not there. Is there a reason for this?

(In German:)
Ich denke, ich habe einen Bug gefunden, der die Künstler-/Band-Bearbeitungs-Seite betrifft.
Manchmal kann man dort auswählen, welchem Musikgenre der Künstler/ die Band zuzuordnen ist, aber manchmal wird das Auswahlmenü dafür einfach nicht angezeigt. Hat das nen speziellen Grund?

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I think it only works when you use the website in English. I also noticed it when I sometimes set the site's language in French: the music genres' list does not appear. I hope this bug can be fixed soon.

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Thanks for the answer!
Yes, that seems to be the problem.
I have tried to set the language to English, and the genre still could not be changed.
Then I deleted all cookies for this homepage, now the genre cofiguration works, as long as I leave the site's language English. If I change the language, I have to delete the cookies again to see the genres list.

Well, then I'll just use the English version of the site from now on; I understand enough English for this and it seems to have the least bugs.

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Thanks for the observation, we will try to work it out.

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What is this discussion all about???? which band are you guys talking about?? please let me know ...

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Bug is fixed already, don't worry

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