Can anyone identify the language that isn't French in this song?

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I put in a request to have this translated to English, and someone did translate the French parts, but he wasn't sure about the other language.

Here is the part in the other language:

Djamana gnagamou'na
Obafé kan'gnan djamana
gnagamou he
Djamana gnagami'na lou ho
Obafé kan'gnan
djamana gnagamou
Magô mi ba'fé kagnan
djamana gnagamou
Allah ma'ho kili tchi'la
Djamana gnagamou'la lou ho
Djamana gnagamou'la

Can anyone tell me what language it is and can translate it to English?

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That's from the Ivory coast, so the most likely is a variant of bambara, I think.

I actually stumbled on a translation in French here.
Still no clue about the original language though Regular smile

Le pays est dans la confusion
Ils veulent foutre le bordel chez nous
Que tous ceux qui veulent la perte de notre patrie
soient châtiés par Dieu
La confusion règne
C'est le sauve-qui-peut général

which would be something like:

The country is in turmoil
They want to mess things up back home
Let all who want to bring about the downfall of our country
be punished by God (Allah)
Things are a mess
It's everybody for himself

Still I'd rather wait for a second opinion


Oh okay, did you want to post it then?

The singer is from Cote D'Ivoire so it's probably an indigenous African language


You edited your comment as soon as I posted mine, haha.

I'm not sure how many people know anything about African languages in this site though.

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Well I suppose I could post it, and correct it if a native speaker comes up with a better suggestion.


Yeah, since I doubt there are many people here who know Bambara.

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The language is called Dioula. It's a dialect of Mallinke (a dialect of Bambara) spoken in Mali and the Ivory Coast.

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