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We invite you to participate in the work week with our improved tool! We took into account everything that has been discussed in this topic.

Thank you for participating and have fun!

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Excelente idea! Intentaré participar lo más que pueda.
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LT's work week started slowly, but now it gathers momentum. More and more translators get feedback, so we decided to prolong our work week, which already lasts for almost two weeks. To avoid confusion, we renamed work week to work month, everywhere Regular smile

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The work month is over - and the results are 3k+ of votes and more than 600 comments. Many thanks to people who did meaningful comments and ratings!

We decided to make a little surprise - most active participators will get small nice badges into profiles - in remembrance of work month.

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Oh I see them, thanks. They are gold, huh? Great! Regular smile

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Thanks:) So I guess we should all say "We are the championsssss!":)

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