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I think I lived on this forum for the entire last year. no vacation. I took breaks only to eat and sleep. added dozens and hundreds of artist pictures. hyperlinked artists and songs. edited lyrics. added songs, that I knew from other sources and wanted to share with the community. Added many video links, even tho some of them got deleted, disappeared or appeared dead after only 2 weeks. Got some flack sometimes for doing things without thinking of the repercussions. So far it was lots of work but its gratifying for anyone who is interested in songs and many languages. Because songs live longer than a human being. Some songs that were written 2500 years ago are still around. others are forgotten.

What I do not understand is why do we let anyone just crap himself out on this board. When I go through the individual languages, I see almost half the artists still having no picture. many of them have neither picture nor wiki link. This makes identifying a song at times terribly time consuming. Time that we should not spend. But the one requesting the song.

The running gag on lyricstranslate seems to be to add Two artists in the artist box, that performed 1 or 2 songs together, and join them with a "&" sign. I later can browse through the data and break up every single time it happens. (and it happens much too often). Why ? for the simple reason that people don't read the FAQ where it clearly says "ENTER ONLY ONE ARTIST" and the other as a side performer.
So 20 different people out of sheer carelessness and selfishness give me 20 times the work and i have to put in time, that should not be mine to spent.

I think we need to make a video about how to use lyricstranslate.

We still don't have a bulk uploader or bulk editor. Everytime I add a song to a *insert country here* folk music folder, I have to manually add the language EVERY SINGLE TIME. this is a complete waste of time and unecessary stress. When I am in a folder called *insert language here* folk songs, its supposed to give me a default language, that I can then change If I feel so inclined.
That is the reason why i never add much information, only the bare essentials. simply because it is way too time consuming.

Lastly I wanna say that I am very pleased with the way the members communicate, help with translations and are just generally very reliable. thank you all very much. I got so many translations from languages i do not speak, and every new song I add and get translated is so great.


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Firstly, I greatly appreciate all your effort!

But, idiots will be idiots, I doubt a video will help as it won't be watched by that many. Putting more than one artist in is hardly the only issue, and I wouldn't expect people to learn all this by heart directly after making an account.

Maybe we need to adjust the ranking system a bit.

Regarding a bulk editor, something that works (at least it did some days ago, I don't add much songs recently), is to add a song and then click on the return button of your browser. That way, all information you wrote into the former form is still there and you can adjust it for the next song.
I'm quite sure it didn't work this way a while ago, though, maybe it depends on the browser (tried it only with Pale Moon now, a Firefox fork).

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I always add videos, cause then you won't have to browse up and down youtube first to find the right version of the song.

great hint with the back button. i also realized that.

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Huh? I was referring to the tutorial video you suggested, not to song videos.

Anyway, glad you found the back-button option as well!

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yes, sometimes I had to gather data to enter for a song and when I moved one instance back, all my data entry was still there. complete with country and genre that i had entered. this is really great. most websites don't do that.

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Hear hear.

About videos:

One way to fix it might be adding the same link to the song submitting page as the editors have, that is "Search video" and it will open a new page in the adjacent tab and so even the laziest of people would be more willing to add a video.

Maybe also some sort of CAPTCHA. For example "Tick the box to confirm that you couldn't find a video and please enter the characters shown below".

I know, I'm always overly optimistic about these things, so feel free to bring me back Earth. Teeth smile

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Thanks! You're a Saint, Mark!

I think a "batch editing" option for editors, or at least moderators, is a good idea. We also have to find a solution to prevent posting translation requests without original lyrics (minimum length for the lyrics?).

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I suggest adding a "tip box" that shows up when the artist field is activated. For instance:
"If there is more than one singer/artist, just enter the first one here and add the rest in the 'featuring artist' section below, separating them using a comma."

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I think there is minimum length of the lyrics, yet there are some really short songs (one line repeating or so), so writing something like "I don't know the lyrics" seems to be enough to publish a "song"... I like the idea of "catching" short songs, as now it's up to someone to go around and see it.

A good way of keeping the database tidy in my experience is to keep an eye on the newest content in the languages you're following and edit as you go - but, of course, depends on how much time you have. I personally never had neither the time nor the nerves to add to many songs at once, but I support the idea to make our life somehow easier, thanks for suggesting that. And I agree that there is a tidying work with the older content, but preventing its building up saves you the need to do it in the future.

And I agree the featuring artist problem is probably the easiest to catch and definitely not the only one, but in my experience, many people just find the site, wanting to read the translation of a song they really like, they don't even open Rules or FAQ, just register and post what they want, without bothering to see whether if matches our "standards" or not. Many also leave soon after and never come back, so I also think that a video may not really solve that problem globally - probably for a few interested users, but not in general.

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