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Hi everybody, I really need your help about a quote that may not be taken from a song but from a writer or philosopher:

Few years ago I went to Lebanon for vacations and I saw a big poster over a street written in arabic, with a sentence that a friend translated to me into:

"Life without love is empty/meaningless, our work, useless".

I'd love to find the original quote, anybody here already heard it? Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot!

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You want it in Arabic language or translated?

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Hi, thanks for your interest. I'm searching the author of the quote. It seems it's neither Gibran nor Rumi. Any guess?

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Hey Guys, still no guess about that quote? Regular smile

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Life without love is meaningless and goodness without love is impossible: Greg Jurkiewicz, in The Neo-Reconstructionist Manifesto
To live in love is all there is, life without love is meaningless: Bob Geldov in To Live In Love
I can name many more even from ancient philosophers for some universal truths are just truths expressed in pretty much the same way by many people
So let's just leave it here

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