El Bimbo by Bimbo Jet, Gigliola Cinquetti, etc

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Where to start? El Bimbo was a disco dance/song from '74-'75, and done in many languages (and instrumentals) - so I am having a hard time finding any "original" lyrics to know what needs to get translated for me into English. Wiki says that it was popularized by a French group, Bimbo Jet which may (or may not) have included "Claude Morgan" as composer(?), but based it on a Farsi song before it - and others say it was the other way around. I've seen YouTube videos in German and Italian, as well. Can anyone help?

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Bimbo Jet was a French euro disco group led by Claude Morgan and Laurent Rossi that gained international fame in the summer of 1975 from the song, "El Bimbo". The tune to "El Bimbo" is "Tanha Shudham Tanha", composed by the Afghan musician and singer Ahmad Zahir, for his 1971 album Lylee.

Tanha shodam tanha
Asooda az ghawgha shodam
Az bas ke khordam khoon-e dil
Chun ghoncha az ham shodam
Baaz ast dar-haye qafaz – ay morgh-e dil parwaz kon – gulha ke een gulzar raa
Man aashiq tanhayee am – khod mahram-e raaz-e khodam – ba naghma pardazan bego

search in google about Ahmad Zahir

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El-Bimbo in Dari(Persia) original.

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