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Hi! I'm spanish and my english is not enough to understand the letter of that song. I try so hard the transcription but there are sentences and words that are imposible for me. It'll be awesome if someone could help me with the transcription.
I only have de audio from spotify because I didn't find the video on youtube.

You can find the song on spotify: Gigi Mcfarlane ft Chojin. Power.

And this is what I was able to get

I've given to me the back, the wide, the lead, the ride, the side to side, the coolest part tonight.
You give a day the light that give me the strength to know the world is always on my side.

You know you call me and I will be been.
Because ? and of course I you win.

You give me power
You give me power

You give me the bounce to fight, the whole desire to take my win flight up to the sky.
You take me to the moon and back.
You tell me there you swim with me until the end of the time.
You take my control, now lose my mind and soul, my mind and soul.
And you take my body and I ??????????????

You give me power
You give me power

Thanksss for reading and I hope someone help meee!

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Welcome to LT!

Please don't ask for transcriptions in the forum but add a transcription request instead:
At least live versions can also be found on YT.

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