Hi can anyone help me with the jamaican english lines in this song

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Hi, I would appreciate if anyone could help me out with the Jamaican English of this song

Chayanne feat, Prince Patrick - Lola (Spanglish)

Here's the link :


Thank you in Advance.

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I'm a native English speaker, USA. I have a lot more experience with Jamaican Patois and Jamaican accents than most English speakers. Many of my friends will actually watch Jamaican movies with subtitles - but then I also have Jamaican friends, hence my personal experience.

That song is mostly Spanish. The English is standard English (in vocabulary), but it has a Jamaican accent. It is not Jamaican Patois. They exist on a continuum, but I declare this very close to standard English with an accent.

Since the majority of the song is Spanish, I think someone not-me should transcribe the Spanish first. I do know Spanish, but it is not my native language. I am not sure how collaboration often works on this website, I just joined. I feel like an IRC text chat might be a good way to work through the remaining Jamaican-English chunks of that song. The song is not random words, it actually makes sense, so I think we can tackle it.

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There is an existing transcrption of the spanish - Standard English of the song but the portions where Prince Patrick (co-singer) performs are hard for me to understand and those portions are the missing part.

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