[SOLVED] Is there any tag on my profile? why the lyrics I published were removed

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I have published the lyrics for the Second remix of the spanish song Te Boté, the lyrics have 2 different stanzas on of them with JLO and the sencond one with Anuel AA.
This is the second time this issue accurs in this site when I publish lyrics for a remix, may I know who's on charge so I can discuss it directly since this makes no sense to post the lyrics and the have to stuggle for they were removed and the person who did it didn't take the time to check if the lyrics match with the video on link description.

I want them back right now, this is an inconvenience for me.

I want to know how to go about in order for me to avoid the whole hassle I go through everytime I post lyrics.

I know I may sound rude but it's not the first time I face this situation with the lyrics I post.

This is the link for the video :


Ask Fary, she knows about that. She is the moderator I think.

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Thank you. You've been really helpful

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