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Hi. Could someone transcribe the English rap? 2.50 - 3.10


Thanks in advance

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Not easy. To me, at first that sounded either like a mix of a little English and a lot of a foreign language (first thought it was French), or someone trying to rap in Patois with a really strong (Greek?) accent.
I understand "I tried to prove it, so real a venue (?) I don't see ... not far... do you all mine... the tide coming up, everything's under way and you no pay... girl I give you, you don't know how I try, I follow this through... "
Hope this helps a little. Wink smile

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It's made harder by his peculiar 'r' which probably sounds like 'v' to many.

Far far from you, I tried to keep it,
so real avenue
I don’t see nothing
well not far
for when I went that blue you were mine
All these memories never let me hold that light
the (time / tide) coming up, everyday’s on the way
and he’ll be dressed as you will make the day
(hollow / whole) promises with a home, girl I give you
(who / you) don't know how I try, I follow this through.

It doesn't make much sense; there are surely many errors in my attempt.

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