[SOLVED] English transcription - help needed (3 SONGS)

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1. Arabesque - Rock'n'roll Fan

The time in the video 02:08-02:12:

Tonight I'll fly a kite on the moon
And when the wind ??????
Maybe I'll write a tune
A rock'n'roll tune


2. Diana Vickers - Perfect Wave

The time in the video 00:53-00:57

Promise that you'll never go
We can watch the rainbow ???????
Teach me everything to know
Cause I've been lost so long
Deeper into light I fall
And I fall


3. Sena Dagadu - Bucket Full of Love

The time in the video 01:56-02:08

'Cause it's the most amazing thing
You're such a beauty I have never seen
Oh, you make a star look like a little tiny beam
I just love that look in your eyes
I love that naughty grin
You child you are a lioness
And my love for you goes deepest it could ever get