Best way to say "fooling with" in a romantic context in French?

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Such as "He is fooling around with that girl", "That girl you're fooling around with", but without the implication of causal sex or sex at all, as I'm translating a song from the days when prude America banned anything that makes any subtle mention of possible intercourse. So dating, but with the implication of it not being serious.

How would you say that in French, native speakers?

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Hi, you might say "conter fleurette à" (=flirting, sweet-talking to), "faire le joli coeur" (=to play the gallant), "tourner autour de" (= to fool around somebody), "s'amuser avec" (to have fun with someone), "sortir avec" (to go out with someone, to date someone), "fréquenter" (to date someone, to be around someone)... All these are quite innocent, except perhaps "s'amuser avec", which might have a double meaning...

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