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Can someone help me here with the French parts?

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There are still some parts I haven't found and I am not sure about everything I wrote ^^"

first part:

Me voici à poil à l'hosto.
L'aiguille hypodermique me cherche les lipides,
Le toubib s'alarme de mon masque livide.
T'inquiète doc, il n'est jamais trop tôt.

second part:

(Bouche des shits??) un jour auront ma peau
Dans mon cerveau ou son propre acide.
Oh comme j'aimerais noyer dans le liquide,
Descendre à reculons comme Arthur Rimbaud.
Héros, héros, suis-je un héros ?
Qualité première : lucide
J'suis (??) d'club (de clopes?) comme d'hab tout baigne limpide
Résultat : zéro, double zéro.

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That works for me.

I think he says ¨moi¨ but very quickly

I will add them and see if we can find the missing word

THANKS Teeth smile

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about the second part, I rather hear;
"bull shot et shit un jour auront ma peau" (bloody Mary (cocktail) and pot will kill me eventually)
"et mon cerveau son propre acide" (and my brain (will have/produce) its own acid). That reuses "avoir" in the expression "avoir la peau de qqun" (kill someone, be the end of someone)

"j'suis ????? comme d'hab." I hear "(r)entier club" or maybe "anti-club" but that does not make much sense. I don't think it's "clopes" (cigs), but the difference is barely audible.

The whole speech looks like a heavy parody of Gainsbourg, who loved to act the jaded drunk.

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