[SOLVED] Must Be Love /Malibu/ disco 1978

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Please forgive me that I do not know French.

I'm trying to transcribe a disco song from 1978 from a French group called Malibu or Malibú.

It's called 'Must Be Love'.

How do you say/spell Must Be Love in French? Although it in sung in English, there are a few phrases I cannot understand. Maybe if I search in French, I can find French lyrics for help.


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In French, it would be "ce doit être de l'amour" (if I'm not mistaken). I've listened to the song before, are you sure there's French in it? I can't hear any of it, unless you have another version?

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Hi, Breezy!
Happy New Year!
Do you mean this song?
Pls, remember to leave a link each time you ask. The song is in English. I remember there was a request for it some time ago. I can transcribe it for you. Send me a PM if you're interested. If you've found the French version, here's the English one for you anyway. Cheers!

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Hi, in colloquial French, I would say "Ça doit être l'amour". "Ce doit être de l'amour" is right too, although it's a little literary...
Happy New Year to all of you, as we say : "Bonne année, bonne santé, et le paradis à la fin de vos jours !" Regular smile

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First, thanks everyone.

Sandring, I will take you up on your generous offer and PM you. But the words are hard to hear. That's why I thought the French would help, if there is a French version.

It is an English song, I didn't put the link because I didn't want to trouble anyone.

You have all been very kind. Thanks again.

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Breezy, it's all wrong. It starts
Must be love
Of the sunset that's shining bright...
Give me a few days.

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Thank you.

Wow, i guess I don't have a good ear!

Take your time.

The requester has helped me a thousand times, he's been very generous. He loves disco, and he PM'd me to see if I could transcribe this, since no one responded to his formal request.

I was happy to repay his kindness. (I am not motivated by points.) That's why I made a personal attempt.

Feel free to copy him on any PMs, if you so desire. I will PM his user I'D to you.

I will delete my erroneous lyrics from my comment.

Thanks again!!!!


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