20 Years of Harry Potter

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Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter books. Are there any fellow Harry Potter fans? Which house do you belong in? What valuable life lessons has Harry Potter given you? I would be very interested in discussing them.

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I don't really consider myself a fan, but I enjoyed reading the books.

According to online quizzes I did a while ago, I'm a Ravenclaw slightly leaning to Slytherin.

I guess we have many Ravenclaws here, and a fair amount of Hufflepuffs.

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Hi, by my nickname you can tell I do have a special place for Harry Potter saga in my heart. I am (also by the nickname) a ravenclaw student (in Ilvermorny I'm Thunderbird idk) Harry Potter was first introduced to me in my mother tongue - Finnish - when my mother read it to me as a bedtime story. When I learned to read and went to school besides school books I always chose a Potter book to read. When I started to learn English I used English and Finnish Harry Potter books as an aid.

The books, the story itself, rings true with me and characters are alive and I feel I know every kind of character in real life. They gave me an perspective. The story build to strengthen my beliefs. I learned alot from the great characters and I learn what importance little dreaming has on one's life.

Snape's every-goddamn-time quoted quote sums up all: "After all this time?" "Always."

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It is very interesting to see which Hogwarts house people belong to, from a psychological perspective. Yes, it would make sense why so many Ravenclaws would flock on LT.

I always have people wondering about my Hogwarts house. That fact alone should give you a clue as to which one it is.

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I have read all the Harry Potter books in Serbian, and watched every Harry Potter movie Regular smile I can tell that I really enjoyed it! I took a test once with my ex-girlfriend (she was also a fan of HP) and we both turned out to be Ravenclaws Regular smile

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I was a late comer to HP. My sister practically forced the first book into my hands while the fourth was already out. I read it on a Saturday afternoon and immediately rushed to the nearest English bookstore to buy the next three volumes. Waiting till Monday to know what happened next was simply unthinkable!
Very good books indeed. A lot more clever and psychologicaly sound than many stories supposedly written for kids. Rowlings has the rare talent to depict children who think and act their age. Nearly as good as Terry Pratchett's Johnny Maxwell stories or the incredibly funny and touching kids in "good omens".
I especially liked the half-blood prince. I always had a soft spot for Snape, and loved the scene where Harry visits Snape's memories and finds out his father was not the perfect human being he had idealized, as he watches him humiliate Snape just to show off in front of Harry's future mother. Gave another tragic touch to Snape's character and more depth to Harry's.
I prefer the books, which left me free to imagine the characters and the settings the way I liked, but still I found the movies surprisingly good. They did not betray the general spirit and stayed true to the story, despite a few unavoidable simplifications. Plus Luna Lovegood was such a cutie Regular smile

I don't think highly enough of myself to go for Gryffindor. Not devious enough to be a Slytherin, and chemistry is probably the subject I hated most as a student. Not really the placid type, and I don't fancy gardening, so Hufflepuff would not be my thing either. I suppose Ravenclaw is the only house left for me then. That's for the sorting hat to decide anyway, isn't it?

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Yes, J. K. Rowling has a knack for making really complex, human characters in every sense of the word. Well, in a site like LT, it would only make sense that the vast majority would belong in Ravenclaw, as for me, the Sorting Hat was conflicted for a while, between Gryffindor and Slytherin, but I eventually ended up in the house of ambition & greatness, where you'll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means just to achieve their ends.

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Sciera wrote:

I guess we have many Ravenclaws here, and a fair amount of Hufflepuffs.

Sciera's dry humor at its best Teeth smile

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I'm a huge Potter fan - so far, I've read the books I have no idea how many times in Bulgarian, English, a book or two in Italian and I've started it even in Albanian, but didn't have much time to continue with it lately. It is pretty much my starting point of any language I have enough reading knowledge to understand, as I know the story and can figure out some things that are not familiar to me. I basically grew up with it and I even made a Harry Potter quiz for work a few weeks ago (we do this every Friday, and turned out my colleagues, although mainly British, are not huge fans). I used to know the story almost by heart, and I remember the excitement of waiting for a new book to come out (I read the last one in just a day and a half, after having almost a sleepless night). I loved all the twists and although she killed some really favourite characters of mine (like Sirius), I still loved the story until the very end and after that.

As for the house, I'm 100% Hufflepuff, as I am so passionate, loyal and I'm standing up as much for my own values - I used to write lots of Harry Potter RPG when I was younger, and Hufflepuff has always been my favourite, although I find that all houses have their own charm. Probably it has to do something with the fact it's not the most popular choice of house, so it's up to your imagination.

The biggest lesson I've learned is from Rowling herself, not to give up on your dreams, as someday, your time to shine will come. You just have to be patient and move on when someone turns you down.

I love the games, especially the Order and the Half-Blood Prince. The movies are nice too, but they lose their charm after sacrificing so many details in order to fit in an hour and a half.

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I really had so much fun reading those comments of yours. Thanks to all of you!

I was a late comer to HP, too. I started reading while the sixth was almost out.
Me and my daughter are Hufflepuffs (though I don't fancy gardening :D).

I didn't learn any lessons from HP, but I still love Snape for being true to his love. Matching my strong believe that true love can never die.

What makes HP so attractive are all those believable characters. If you get to know them better the good folks all show some dark spots. Though I really would like to see the good in the bad guys too, Rowling just skipped that.

Yeah, I like the movies too, but I think it's strange that my view of some characters seems to shift. I don't like Harry as much as in the books and I just love Lucius Malfoy in the movies. Must be his good looks. Damn he's hot.

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Hm, I feel really outnumbered. Ravenclaws & Hufflepuffs are attacking me from everywhere.

Snape didn't love Lily; he was obsessed with her, which is why his patronus was a doe. James' was a stag, Lily's was a doe, these were complementary. Snape was feeling lonely during all of his life & Lily was his only hope. Her falling in love with his bully shattered his heart. I kind of feel sorry for him, in the end. He died a real hero.

Ah, I love Lucius as well. He has such an addictive personality & he has such an elegant aura. Then again, we Slytherins are like that... Charming. Wink smile

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Hmm, this is another point of view. I still do think that Snape loved Lily. Obsession can easily lead into hatred, but he still loved her after she was into James. Snape fell in love with Lily because she was the only one to be kind to him. It was so easy to fall in love with her. But I think it goes much deeper - I always thought they were soulmates because of their patronus. Maybe they could have become a couple, but he turned to the dark side (ah, my Star Wars influence) and Lily turned to James. And anyway I do think that soulmates are not meant to be couples.

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I'm a fan of Harry Potter)
I don't know if Snape loved Lily or not. But my opinion about him changed very much after I finished reading all the books. He is a good man.

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