Arabian Gulf Men's Formal Clothing

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So today I wanna talk about the Arabian gulf men's clothing .. you might get some extra info. from this Regular smile Now the beauty of this, is that men wear almost the same clothing outfits in summer and winter, only the material type will differ. So they are able to keep their formal appearance and local costume all year.
Summer outfit:
The white thobe that all men wear is the summer outfit, it's very light. (Photo). The style of the thobe and appearance in general slightly differ from gulf country to another, and most of the times only gulf people can spot the differences (I can talk about this in another topic if you want). The white thobe is usually accompanied with a red and white head band (Shemagh) like the man's clothing in the photo I attached above, or a white material called (Ghutra). Both head bands are made of different material the complete white one is lighter in material, men in Saudi Arabia most probably would wear the red one for everyday and as a national costume, men in UAE mostly wear the white one for everyday life, it's a matter of pereferance only.
This video is about the good relationships between Saudis and Emiratis, and in most of the video men with Red Band are Saudis, and men in white band (except the performers in Green) are Emiratis. This is a formal costume that should be worn in work especially the govrment employees and officials. The one extra material called (Bisht) is an expensive clothing that is hand made and comes in different colors. The very light one like the one in the last photo is worn in summer. Ordinary people only wear it in big events like his own wedding day, or his brother's wedding day or his own graduation day, he might also wear it if he went to meet a high official figure. For high officials like governors, Ministers it's part of their formal costume that should be worn in the big important meetings representing the country, or in the big events. 
Winter outfit:
Gulf men wear the same thobe but made of a thicker material usually comes in dark colors like brown, black, dark grey or dark blue. And high officials wear a Bisht with a thicker material (not transperant) that will warm them as a coat and still keep them in formal national costume. For the head band, UAE men wear a band made of wool called "Shall" it will protect their heads from cold. They can still wear the red Shemagh in winter as well.
For the head band, it's a whole another story Regular smile when Hollywood actors try to imitate Arabian gulf figures, and wear the exact material of a picnic blanket, it looks funny, cause that really not the real case. Wearing the Shemagh is really a serious thing here if the one did it wrong people will laugh at him and make assumptions and he will be embarrassed. First of all the red head cloth is square , it should be folded to half (it will look like a triangle) then ironed this way, the material shouldn't be too lose or too stiff but it should have the fold line visible, they put on a white little cap to work as base and hold the head band from slipping. Then they put on the shemage with the tip of the traingle exactly at the middle of their forehead line then place the "Iqal" the black ring on top just few centimeters away from cloth tip (like the previous video). The purpose of the iqal is tol hold the cloth in place. I know it's hard to make a picture of what I'm saying, but the buttom line is, it's not that easy to imtate it :P 
These are few videos on how to put the Shemagh/Ghutra on:
This is a guide on how to do the Emariti head band:
This head tie is considered more informal in UAE. Government officials wears lose Ghutra during working hours or in meetings ( like the previous video).
I hope the topic is useful Regular smile all hyperlinked words has images or videos.