[SOLVED] BTS & Billboard Music Award

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Hi ARMYS & Kpoppers and everyone

Korean musical band BTS won Billboard Music Award Top Social Artist, Congratulations all ARMYS (their adorable fans). This is a massive victory of kpop history, BTS talents are recognized globally. Furthermore BTS has been praised by so many western artist. Most people aren’t into kpop because the incomprehension of lyrics, most people are concerned about the language because they don’t understand Korean. However Music has no any language barriers because it’s the universal language. Everyone can enjoy music in any language without pondering about the language. I would like to listen songs in different. I relish the variety of music listening to other languages. Also people are able to understand lyrics by using translation (maybe retranslations), like we use http://www.lyricstranslate.com to translate songs lyrics to other languages . So, there is no language issue as we are concerned. Therefore I specially thank for lyricstranslate.com , ARMYS / kpoppers who are here as Translators and translators who work with BTS & Kpop lyrics. Your efforts make it easy to other people to be convenient & familiar with kpop songs. I’m really grateful, your hard work is really appreciative.

Thanks again
lyricstranslate.com, ARMYs, kpoppers and Translators who work with kpop

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I saw and was so happy for them!

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