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I was thinking that Comedy could be included as a genre for the artists. Some artists included here like Weird Al Yankovic or George Carlin (for saying two American examples) would fit better than on other genres

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When you say gender, are you saying that they should be divided into males, females etc?

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Sorry, my mistake.

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I can honestly see why this innocent mistake happened, it comes from Spanish, right? In Spanish, 'género musical' means 'music genre.' When I was first reading your original message, at first it was a bit confusing, but then I realized the meaning came from the Spanish language Regular smile

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Si. "Genero" means gender and genre

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I agree with this one, as 'Comedy' is a genre different from the others. However, I only recall Weird Al as one regular performer in it. If there are more, then a new entry can be added - if the Admins agree with it.

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The lonely island and flight of the conchords to me, are considered comedy groups.

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Many groups from my homeland (namely trovadores) would definitely fall onto this category; I second the suggestion!

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The following are Spanish language examples which I translated some lyrics.

Emilio el Moro, Un pinguino en mi ascensor, Cuarteto de Nos, Rodolfo Zapata, Puturru de Fua, Fernando Esteso, El payo juan manuel, Mojinos Escozios

Quim Barreiros as a Portuguese language example.
(to be continued...)

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The Austrian band "Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung" would fit perfectly into "Comedy".

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