[SOLVED] Fascism and its propaganda on LT

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There is no problem to fight on the side of Adolf Hitler and provoke ? It is normal ? I wrote in the morning that the forum is a fascist profile.
It's probably the SS emblem - the criminal unit of the German army that murdered all the nations of the world except die Herrenrasse, from Wikipedia: Nazi crime is an action carried out by, inspired by or tolerated by public functionaries of Nazi Germany (1933-1945) that also classifies as a crime against humanity (in particular, genocide) or other persecutions of people due to their belonging to a particular national, political, social, ethnic or religious group. Nazi crimes were perpetrated against Communists, homosexuals, Jews, Roma, Sinti and socialists.
Criminal acts committed by Nazis included physical crimes such as beating, gassing and drowning as well as property crimes.
In my country have murdered 6 million people (1939-1945).

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OK, thanks LT for reaction

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Good catch, and thanks to the moderators for swatting that nasty cockroach.


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