Gergai'aan, Ramadan and Eid Spirits

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Hi all
Hmm actually I wondered whether (General Discussions) is the best section to post this topic or the (Arabic Language) section, but since it's more about the culture than the language I thought it's best to post it here.

I will talk about 3 main subjects, first is the Gergaian and then Ramadan and the last thing is Eid celebration. There are plenty of great videos that shows the spirit of this month that I wanted to share with everyone, and in order to understand the concept behind them I'lll explain each event.

Gergaiaan is a traditional event celebrated by kids in gulf countries each year on 15th of the month of Shabaan or the 15th of Ramadan. It's like "trick or treat" but instead of wearing costumes they were traditional clothes and sometimes "Modernized" traditional clothes :). They pass by neighbors houses in the evening, knock their doors and demand some sweets and nuts. The event is named differently in each country, it's "Gergaiaan" in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, "Hagg El Laila" in UAE, "Talba" in Oman, "Garangaooh" in Qatar and "Gergaoon" in Bahrain. There are few traditional songs but this the most famous one:

This is the song used in UAE:

This is a Kuwaiti video show the "modernized" traditional clothes children are wearing, and it includes the different names of the event it sounds like a magic spell! lol

In Qatar:

In Oman (But it's not the traditional song)

Wiki explains more, like the meaning behind the event name.

I'll be happy to answer your questions if you have any Regular smile

Next post will be about Ramadan Regular smile

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just wanted to say big thanks for starting this thread! I realize how little majority of the people know about such traditions, and I've always found it fascinating, and although I'm not very religious myself, I've always had respect for such people. I've grown up between two religions though (Orthodox Christianity and Islam), so I know quite a bit, but definitely not everything. Looking forward to your next posts! Regular smile

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