Have you ever used a translation service?

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I'm a writer. Can you help me with my article reviews for translation services? Just answer the question) Have you ever used a translation service and for what purposes?

I will be very grateful for your help)

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I never used such services, and having read your reviews I'm not even going to start. Sad smile BTW, what is wrong with ONEHOUR TRANSLATION? You wrote at http://pickwriters.com/top-10-translation-services

There are two many issues with quality, delivery of services, and pricing.

Are there either two, or many, as you may mean, - three (quality, delivery, pricing) issues? Maybe, three issues are too many for that service?

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Does this website here count as translation service?
I haven't used any other so far to ask for translations.
Well, to answer your question, when I make requests here it's either via the request feature to ask for translations of lyrics from languages I don't speak (or don't speak well enough), or it is by making a forum thread to ask for single phrases to be translated, also from languages I don't speak into those I do. The main purpose was understanding the text in question (for the purpose of sating curiosity), the secondary purpose was improving my knowledge of the language it was written in.

There is one other translation service I sometimes (rarely, as it's pretty much dead) visit, namely Cucumis.
But so far I only left comments there or helped with translations, and haven't requested any yet.
It kinda is a pay-to-use service in that you need to first collect points by helping with translations before you can request translations yourself (you do get some points to start, though).

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If it counts as a translation service, only LT Wink smile

We are definitely better from some other sites I know as we have people from all over the world contributing into hundreds of languages, helping each other.

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hell no

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LT is a cooperative site where people translate songs and poetry *freely* and I hope it will remain so.
I'll be out of here the very day LT becomes any kind of "service", plagued with the craving for profits that is turning the planet into a giant garbage dump.

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I had never used a translation service except of lyrics translate that I am being a member since 2012

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Only dictionaries for individual words. I try not to use online translators like Google Translate because they have a lot of problems with phrases.

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I had to use a translation service in order to translate some legal documents from Bulgarian to Greek I needed in 2012. That's all.

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a friend of mine from costa rica had to have her legal documents translated to german by an accredited translator. I had a brief look at it and it looked absolutely aweful. it sounded like the german of a pre-schooler.

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