[SOLVED] How could be someone more original then that?

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I found this text into my Translations detail:
"114 traduceri postate de ciprian_dragne (100 translations copied from other sites), media rating-urilor traducerilor 5.00 (bazat pe 1 voturi de la 1 utilizatori) Căutare avansată...."

How could be possible to have 100 translations copied from other sites when all translations that I add here are my own.
Even more most of them are my own versed translations of the original lyrics.

How could be someone more original then that in translations?

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Ciprian Dragne

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It's probably because, under "translation source" you posted a YouTube video, so the system thinks the translation is copied.

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The answer has been given. You need to leave the 'translation source' field empty, otherwise your translations are considered not yours.

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