[SOLVED] I am still not rated?

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Well, even after 62 translations and many of them in languages which have better translators than me, I still don't have a single rating by anyone?
Come On people, am I so bad at my task that you just see it and surf away?!
I personally think that if nobody criticises me, I am certainly doing something wrong.
(If people don't hate you, there is something wrong.(More accurately))

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Hi. I'm sure you're doing great, don't feel offended. People can't rate your translations if they don't understand the two languages involved, right? Be patient, someone who can speak both languages involved in your translations will certainly rate them Regular smile

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I'd gladly rate one of your translations if I knew Hindi, Persian or Arabic, but I don't Sad smile

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Hi SNAKE well what can i say is only that people usually (not all people i don't generalise it ) are selfish and lazy, and even though they see that your work it's great they don't appreciate it like it should be ...One thing i've seen too is that translator's that know both languages the translated and the source lyrics lang don't give too easy ratings from different reasons, but in one matter you're right, us translators we should support each other more (at least those who know the same language, and translate in the same languages) People don't thanks even after you solve their request which is a question/matter of education in my oppinion .... In the end you are the one who needs to keep his head up and do what you like to do and keep on improving , people will show their support in the end , so stay positive and all the best for you..

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Dear Sakae, don't feel offended by this.

From what I see we don't have many Hindi (and other Indian languages) speaking users around, so that's a likely cause for your translations not being rated. Moreover, there aren't many users who contribute from and into those languages (that's why only Hindi is in the main list and not in 'More languages').

If I knew any of these languages, I'd certainly stop by and give you a rating by your hard work - which I'm sure is well done. But, at the moment, I can't.

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Thank You People.
I understand that Indic Languages aren't very prominent on this site, and since many of my works are just to and from Hindi, getting a rating is hard. I also consider it as a matter of personal opinion whether or not to rate.
Despite that, I did get a rating on a translation from Spanish+Arabic to English( I have formally studied Arabic but not Spanish, I picked it up from one of my tourneys).
Thank You.(^_^)

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Done for Arabic translations Teeth smile

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Your translations are good. You shouldn't beat yourself up for not getting rated or reviewed. Keep it up Regular smile

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Seems your fishing for compliments. But I like to do that too. Wink smile
I've got 517 translations and got also only 1 rating - by my best friend. I don't give to much on ratings I like the thanks a lot more. And I have to admit I hate ratings - I've only rated 3 times. I hate it so much because it's so hard being fair. It's easy to give 5 stars if it's really good, but to give less you're bound to explain that and I rated once 3 stars and I still feel bad about it and stoped voting at all.

We're all trying to do our best. Translations are just like any literature - some like it and others will not. Well, take The Lord of The Rings - surely a piece of world literature. I read all three books and didn't like them at all. So, if you just want to be encouraged - just keep on going. You will get better and better. Since you're here with us, you love music and lyrics. Stay with us and with the time you'll surely get some ratings.

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Consider Rating as a way to tell a person how to get better. It isn't demeaning(at least for me).

P.S. I don't want compliments, neither do I "fish" for it. I came here for a thankless task, I will continue to do it.
P.P.S. I detest Lord of the Rings.

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I was glad you raised this issue since in the beginning I was wondering if there are only votes with 5 stars. Then I saw that there are votes with less stars. Then I figuered out that it is really hard to give 3 stars.
Sorry, I was just making fun with the fishing.
Oh, I don't detest The Lord of The Rings, but I didn't enjoy reading it, found it kind of boring.

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