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Hello, today I saw Nagorno-Kharabakh on the list. It is not a country and it is not recognised by any country. So why is it on the list?

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Yes, so-called 'Kosovo' is also on the list, while it's actually a part of Serbian territory known as 'Kosovo i Metohija' or 'Kosmet'.

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Indeed Kosovo it's not recognized by many countries as an unitary state. And also Kashmirm Abhazia and the list can continue. But these are not in the list of the countries.
As for Nagorno Kharabakh it's weird really that was added. It's just a region a mountainous region inside Azerbaijan country. Not even an autonomous republic is.

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Interesting notions you brought up here. I'm quite curious about your responses.
taddy26: "country" obviously shouldn't be understood as "an undisputed subject of international law with full UN membership"; it's meant to describe any self-governing area claiming national sovereignty. Nagorno-Karabakh undeniably fulfills this criterium; it controls almost all of its claimed territory. And though by independent states not, it's recognized by several American sub-national entities, including states: The idea behind including it in the list is most probably to enable Karabakhians to express their identity without constraint (which, by the way, I wouldn't understand, as I'd consider myself Armenian and my homeland Armenia - but whatever, if Cyprus can exist apart from Greece, this makes exactly as much sense).
BalkanTranslate1: "actually"? You must have meant nominally. Does Serbia control even a square inch of Kosovo? I don't recall.
gaddy: "not recognized by many countries" - yea, just by 111 of 193 UN members and 23 of 28 EU members. Teeth smile From the latter of which only those failed to recognize it who are ideologically opposed to and afraid of separatism (Spain) or are historically sympathetic to Serbs (the rest).

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I don't want to make politicial statements, so I say just "thanks" to you for sharing your opnion.

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@gaddy - lol, Kosovo is recognised internationally by over 100 countries. So to say it's not recognised by many countries is a misnomer. And exactly what hunhxc said.

NK is recognised by... NO United Nations member states, and only a couple of US states.
In comparison: "As of 14 September 2015, 136 (70.5%) of the 193 member states of the United Nations and two non-member states have recognized the State of Palestine."

I feel as though the countries listed should be countries that are either UN member states, observer states, or specialised agency (Kosovo fits into that category). That is how a lot of people define the 'countries of the world'. For example, people usually take the 193 UN member states but add on Taiwan, Palestine, Kosovo, Vatican City.

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It is not a country! I have no idea why is it on the list?
Provocation! Why? Is the site becoming less friendly like all people of the world in these days?

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kerakemas@ I know. Even so, Kosovo it's not an unitary state. But yes I agree it's disputed territory and partially recognised and appears in the list of countries. And there are a lot of countries around the world who don't recognize Kosovo. But this is a different topic :)) other discussion obviously
But the subject of topic was other about Nagorno-Kharabakh and the appearance of this region in the list of countries in this website. In this moment there are singers/bands/artists from Nagorno-Kharabakh that means that they are from that ''country'' new created, but in fact the reality is that they are from Azerbaijan being azerbaijani.

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That's quite strange, especially since the region itself is de facto a part of Azerbaijan.

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The country list was copied from somewhere ~9 years ago when this site was created, and nobody remembers the exact source. We are not making any political statements here. Perhaps we should make it more up-to-date.

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