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A friend recently dragged me to a dance bar (which I loathe, but it was his birthday so...). Anyway, they were playing a mix of dance songs, some were in a different language. The bar had an echo, and the music was loud!!! (Too loud for me. LOL) Anyway, this song came on
With all the blaring club noise and the echo, I swore that it was in Russian and he was saying "Пусть что привык! Да мы будем собираться."
I went up to the DJ, and I asked him the name of the song. I said, I knew it was Russian, but I wanted to know the song's name.
The DJ said it was called "C'est La Vie". Then he said, it wasn't in Russian!!! He said, it was in French!!!
Even the DJ had no idea that this song was in our native language, English. LMAO.
I looked for the lyrics everywhere, and it wasn't anywhere so I made the best guess I could and posted the song on LT. I doubt anyone will ever find it, because I'm sure everyone who would be looking for this song is looking for it in French or maybe Russian. LOL

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True, the sound is so distorted and the pronunciation so bad that it takes a moment to realize that it's English... BTW, apart from the title, there's nothing French in it neither. As to the deep significance of it, I would say, easy on dope, man...

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LOL. From my original American misinterpretation of the British slang, I thought he was at a strip bar tipping women dancing on the floor, and playing pool for money, then having sex with a girl saying he could pull "it" out any time that she wanted him to. LOL. Now, with your help, I have absolutely NO IDEA what this song is about, because I don't know any British slang. LOL

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