Nicki Minaj or Cardi B?

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Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B. I mostly prefer Nicki, l don't know why.

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Uh... Are you asking about people's preferences? I don't care about either of them


This is just an opinion It’s not about who’s better, it’s about who brings more to the table. Nicki Minaj has been in the game for ++10 years more experience in the game and just overall more talented , you can’t necessarily compare 1 female rapper with more experience to another female rapper that is new to the industry...Nicki has some heartfelt songs likee ;;;Bed of Lies, Freedom,,,,Grand Piano all Things Go, and Pills N Potions, Cardi B has had a nice year, Nicki Minaj has had a nice a decade. You might want to see if Cardi sticks around awhile before you start comparing her to Nicki Teeth smile Teeth smile andd of course i'm not saying i hate Cardi either Regular smile and I'm hoping to see them collaborate. I'm sure it'll have a great result. Kiss Kiss

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I agree that Nicki is more experienced than Cardi, l just felt like their styles (and their voices) are so close, so it's logical to compare them.

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