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I was going over a translation request and the lyrics seem kind of naughty or explicit, if you will. Now, if a word has two meanings I can ''pretend my nose bleeds,'' that means I act like I don't care and pick an innocuous option.

Now, if I translate it to what I think it means, then in Dutch it is even more obvious what is going on!

I don't care either way, but is it OK to make a ''dirty'' translation, or would that be frowned upon? In that case I'd go with an innocuous, but somewhat nonsensical translation.

What do you think?


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It is okay. Whatever is allowed in lyrics is also allowed in translations here.
However, if there are differing levels of explicitness it would be recommendable to point that out in footnotes.

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When in doubt, always go for the most accurate translation possible. If it's "dirty" or explicit, it's just a fact of life.

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Alright thanks. I'm just going to go ahead then.

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If you don't feel like translating some harsher stuff, you can use euphemisms - and add a comment explaining your choice of words. I usually do so when I have to translate a song with a dirty message.

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