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Hello, all members of LT. I have translated many songs and poems from several languages here but I can't visit lyricstranslate for a long time. Because I am an asyl seeker in Germany since February 2018. Islamic fundamentalists have taken the government in their hands for a long time by democratic elections, but they have abolished the democracy with all its foundations. Now a bloody dictator has all the power and he dictates the rules. He had many people killed and sent into jail. Opposing politicians, writers, academicians, journalists and Kurds are all in jail. Courts can not judge the dictator, he even dismissed many judges, public prosecutors, policemen, soldiers and teachers because of their political views. Our democratic system has collapsed. The situatin in Turkey is very serious and so I had to escape from my country because ı was also an opposing teacher and poet. Total 200 000 people were dismissed just because of their opposing political views. I just wrote these sentences to let you know my and my country's real situation. There is no democracy in Turkey, instead of it a very dangerous and bloody dictatorship was founded. Please tell this to the whole World...

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I admit I'm not well informed about it, but I know the politics of the new government is tearing the country apart.
There was a coup years ago (was it in 2016? Can't remember anymore...) and I was happy about it. I saw some hope, a beam of light for a brighter future in Turkey. Turns out it was useless and the current government only grew stronger from it (some speculated it was all planned, but I don't know whether that's the case or not).
I remember the words of a friend of mine, a Turk Cypriot. He was talking about Atatürk, admiring all the work he's done for his nation. I really struggle to think about another historical figure who had such a positive impact on their country and people. He said that the current government is trying to destroy all the good Atatürk did for his nation. I don't know the details, but even I can see what's Turkey's going through. It's really sad. You probably need a second Atatürk, because I can't see things getting better in the near future.

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We heard about all that, alas... Not much better in Turkmenistan, Azerbayjan, Uzbekistan... or even some non-Turkic countries.

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Dear Celal, I know how things are in your beautiful country. Back in college, we had two foreign students from Turkey with us. We taught them Portuguese as they taught us things on Turkish culture, gastronomy and language. They went back to their homeland recently, unfortunately at the same time the coup d'etat happened. Result: they had their passports lifted and are forbidden to leave unless if for a very strong reason - one of them has to come to Brazil, take all college exams she still has to go over in a single day and then go back.

It's a pity. We're in the 21st century, but things are just seeming to go backwards - and I say that myself because Brazil, my own native country, is on the verge of becoming a very strange place after our new President takes over in January. And I have reasons to fear for my live as well. Sad smile

You're not the first LT user to come and publicly talk about this issue... I can only pray for nothing to happen with you.

Be good.
Kindest regards,

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I am just laughing at this bullshit... If I had believed that this is a proper platform to talk about politics, I would definitely respond properly...but all I can say for now is that what you say is just a misleading, lie and bullshit.

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Wouldn't it be better to not say anything when you don't have anything to contribute to the discussion? Specially if you're calling people liars.

And why shouldn't we discuss politics if that concerns one of our users? The 'General discussion' room is for that means.

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If somebody is lying , I couldn't find any better expression but to call him a liar. I am contributing to the discussion in my way if somebody else is supposed to contribute with false words in such a baseless provacative manner.
All my life long, I never took another breath before I say the right that I believe and I see..
What he does is typical orientalism , political sarcasm and play with the hearts and minds of the uninformed and innocent people around the world. He does his best to convince the people with lots of exegerations, baseless claims and surely lies.
There is no dictatorship in Turkey. It is a free country where everybody can set up a political party in any manner and can take the power if he/she can get enough votes. Did the idea he defends get enough votes from the people ??? Seemingly not .
Then, let us read what he wrote so untrue :
1) If he lives in Germany, what stops him visiting ? He is not in the jail and enjoying his time there since February.
2) "Islamic fundamentalists have taken the government in their hands for a long time "by democratic elections" "Now bloody dictator has the power" What does all mean ? Nothing but a stupidy, hate and indigestion of democracy. I also voted for opposition and we were really disappointed how less were our votes than we expected, but still I don't have enough reasons to accuse somebody as "bloody dictator" if he got almost the 50% of the votes of a nation with 80 million population. We should work harder, and try to get the people with better and more convincing projects and ideas.
3) He wrote "He had many people killed..." Does he mean Turkish President ...killed many people ????? Sorry to say again, it is simply a big fat lie ... who can kill many people in Turkey ???
But if he meant the president led the army to a military operation in Syria and cracked the sick hopes of some cruel rebels to set up a pirate country there, he did perfectly alright.

But actually I feel like I am wasting my time to reply to this idiocy. Because if I had to say something to the world, I would say that Turkey is wonderful place to live and has lots of opportunities economically.
Obviously Turkey is growing and getting stronger in the region, and accordingly having more enemies of different characters. Nothing changed on this lands in the past 600 years.

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Yes you are right. Atatürk was a great leader. He was revolutionary and struggling for a better and more developed country. Contrary to him Erdoğan wants to take the country to the middle age.

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Thank you very much Alma.

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Mr. Adams. You don't know the real situation in Turkey. I am 52 years old and I was going to be retired next year. I was living in a very beautiful seaside town. My salary was good as a teacher. My country is doubtless very beautiful. But this is not the subject. I reply your arguments.
1. I had no opportunity to use my laptop in camp conditions and in the place where i live now. First time i have enough time to visit a friend in a far city and to stay there. So i brought my laptop and i can use comfortably.
2. A party can win the elections by democratic ways, but it can not govern the country in undemocratic ways. The prime minister Erdoğan ( he is not a real president) has sent into jail all his effective opponents. He is attacking to a political party,HDP with all the power of state. He wins the elections by using religion and nationalism and in order to succeed this he creates enemies like Hitler did. That is why i am in Germany now, i wrote in social media that he is like Hitler.
3. Have you ever seen a small flesh of human body? I saw in Ankara. I was there when 104 persons were killed by the islamic bombers. How did they come to Ankara from the east of Turkey so easily and why didn't any policemen die at that bombing? Do you know why? Because they stayed away and waited for the bombing. After bombing they came and sprayed gas onto wounded people.
Another killing by Erdoğan is the so called putsch. That was not a putsch but a bloody game of Erdoğan in order to put the democracy aside.
I was in Ankara in both bloody events? Were you also in Ankara?

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Look here or here for example...

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AdamR wrote:

All my life long, I never took another breath before I say the right that I believe and I see..
What he does is typical orientalism , political sarcasm and play with the hearts and minds of the uninformed and innocent people around the world

May I ask how old are you, Adam? I don’t like to mess with politics, but your “political sarcasm” doesn’t sound nice and the rest of the quote is even worse

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Thank you Igeethecat. You did a lot of work instead of me. The people in LT are not so uninformed, and they can understand the language which a person uses when he/she describes his/her thoughts. So it is clear that this Turkish friend is from the Erdoğan's side and believes in Erdoğan's lies. Everybody can understand from this language how the followers of Erdoğan feel, think and behave even they are informed and cultured. When you consider the other ignorant, uninformed "innocent" fundementalist islamic militants, you can understand why I left my country.

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Do you see Igeethechat ...this is the way how they work. How easy to label a person ? Suddenly I am Erdogan's man, that's why I am against his idea.. Ok.. throw dirt and mud on someone, and see if some will stick on him !!! That's the mentality.
If I would be so, I'd proudly say it, don't worry. But ..No.. I am not a follower of anybody, specially Erdogan , never ever.. We have oceans wide differences with Erdogan , and never ever voted for him.
But the fact is that I don't need to be so to see the true game that these guys like Mr.Celal want to play. It is an issue beyond Erdogan.

The way Mr.Celal speaks is so common and usual to me.. Do you know why ???? Because I grew up among them.. I can read his lips and brain even before he completes the sentence. I know how they start a discussion, their arguments, brain-washing .. always crying in front of western people for being oppressed , but on the other hand, crushing their own people to collect ransoms, stealing the kids from families and take them to mountains to train them as separatist terrorists.

Here is the truth if you have time to read :

These people usually follow two preachers who are closely known by Turkish people.
One is a patetic clerc in Pennsylvania now and the other kept isolated in an island in Turkey .. but interestingly both have nothing to do with Erdogan's era, and both root from a period before Erdogan.. and, actually Erdogan's party is a western project if you know how he started his politic life.
Erdogan is just an imaginary character for them to attack on today, but once he was like a god to them when he declared a project so-called National Reconciliation to which we/I had strongly objected as we had a belief that it won't work .
Do you remember your old good days with Erdogan, Mr. Celal ?.. You were hand-in-hand with him for several years.

But I wonder dear Igeethechat, what is not so nice in my writing for you in the later part ? ....... He really plays on the hearts and minds of the uninformed and innocent people around the world, moreover he doesn't care of stealing my words in his response.
He says 104 people have been killed by islamic bombers at the bomb-blast in a big meeting in Ankara with a clear implication that Erdogan made this... Why would he do this tragedy ? Just contarily, I have better reasons to believe that some Kurdish terrosist leaders made this tragedy in cooperation with ISIS to defame Erdogan .. this idea is equally valid though it is equally stupid as Mr.Celal's claim.

But Mr.Celal never mentioned that more than 30,000 Turkish people have been killed by the Kurdish terrosists in the past 30 years, and most of them were teachers, nurses, postmen, electric operators, road operators, blue collars in public sector, workers , just pure simple working class really.. ...
That separatist group tried to change the demografic structure of the eastern Turkey by forcing the Turkish people to move out from the region.. The Kurdish Party HDP was a part of this separatist movement and was the legal tool of PKK terrorists in Turkey...

What happened to those 30,000 people and their families killed by PKK, and millions of Turkish people dislocated by force and cruelty in the eastern part of Turkey? I never heard any apology or regret from those like you, Mr. Celal.
Anyway, when I mean lies and liars, I mean this and such people.

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I was a socialist and ateist turkish teacher. Why do you say so nonsense things to me? I have never been with Erdoğan and his party. I saw that he was being a dictator and he was ruining the democracy and republic. You just talk like Erdoğan, you are true and good and others, that is, the enemies you created are bad and terrorists. The greatest terrorists are always the so called democratic states. You first learn this. HDP is a legal party, and PKK is not my business. From your point of view everything is OK in Turkey, but according to me there is a real dictatorship that does nothing for the benefit of Turkish people. And Erdoğan is the leader of ISIS which killed many innocent people ın Syria.

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If that's the point, then no one can criticize no ideological movement or government. Several Brazilian people say that 'Our country will never have a reddish flag' and use the deaths occurred during our Military Dictatorship on the hands of communist/socialist insurgence parties to justify that all communists should be arrested and likely killed - as if we could still have a coup d'etat based in their ideology. However, a recurring issue is that most of us are not informed or ignorant enough not to look for real information. To the point of believing that there was a runner for president who promoted that phallic baby bottles should be given around. Teachers are being recorded ilegally because people think we use our classes to indoctrinate people (but, magically, our poor wage and our scarce work conditions disappear from the spotlight). Result of that: a man who says indigenous people won't have a centimeter more of land and that slave descendants are lazy now is our new President. Hooray.

Brazil is a beautiful land - but I've said previously that we're not the hospitable and familiar country you know. And that is because of our politics.

There's no right or wrong when it comes to politics - just remember that.

That said, please politely disagree with people with divergent opinions. If we're going to debate on issues that are potentially problematic (like politics), let's be diplomatic and respect others. As a saying says, 'Violence causes violence'.

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It is impossible to disagree about what you wrote !
Surely we can/should talk about politics or anything provided that it should be with a bit of common sense and with universal terms so that people can understand what we are talking about and can produce their own judgements about a specific situation.

Proper attitude and terminology (in selecting the words) are very important to discuss a vague subject without bias.

He just keeps saying the same things like a parrot to create the same conception , let's see this :

1) "Erdoğan is the leader of ISIS which killed many innocent people in Syria."
So , is he the leader of a party in Turkey and leader of ISIS at the same time ? Regular smile It is like a joke but not much laughable because I don't see anything but a sick imagination there.

Complementary information :
a) Syria operation was made against the invasion of the innocent Arabs, Turkmens and Kurds lands by PKK and ISIS, and both partially cleared from the region with this operation, and 290,000 refugee could go back to their houses recently, first time after 6-7 years in Turkey
Crushing the ISIS there didn't make PKK any happy because they were trying to create a de-facto autonomy in the region with the support of USA.
So, claiming that Turkey only cleared Kurdish PKK is wrong, but Turkey cleared PKK and ISIS together, that's correct.

b) Still there are more than 3,6 million Syrian refugee in Turkey.
Turkey feeds them for free more than 7 years now, and poor Turkish payers are so upset with Erdogan that a national source more than 50 billion dollars gone to Syrians for nothing.

c) MOST importantly :
There are rumors these days that Turkey is prepared for another operation in the region to clear out more PKK invasion so that more Syrian refugee can go back homes.
So the mediatic propoganda and manuplations to create false conceptions are fully trigerred.
Mr.Celal , sorry.. even a blind can see who you are and what you want to do here...

2) "The greatest terrorists are always the so called democratic states."
Ok. big words, beyond my comprehension. Then, anybody can say anything about any country.

3) "I am socialist and ateist turkish teacher."
I considered another combinations of this sentence as well as "I am faschist and atheist artist" or "socialist and believer postman" or "capitalist and atheist politician" , "socialist and christian priest"
or whatever else...any of them didn't make any sense to name the situation or to support your theses.
It is just about you, about what you are... but nothing to do with any political party here, as all the mass parties have almost all sort of people inside them.

I hope and want this to be my last response on this issue. Because the picture is very clear and there is nothing more to add on it on my part.

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How about the innocent Armenians that Turks shamely killed by the million, and still refuse to recognize their genocide ? Even the Germans apologized for what they did, but the Turks never did. It's a shame.

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Your demagogic efforts to whitewash the violation of human rights, press freedom, freedom of speach, democratic and legal standards in today's Turkey is outrageous.

There are many independent sources where everybody can find out many details of what is going on there.
e.g. this:

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[@Alma Barroca] I hope you're ok and safe wherever in Brazil you are

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