Which is your favorite movie ever?

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Write down your favorite movie(s).

Although l have many favorites, my personal No #1 favorite movie of all time is Kill Bill. Which is yours? Regular smile

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Generally I can't bare the great movies. They wrench my guts or frighten me. So I settle for good ones, which are also hard to bare sometimes too. That having been said. . .

**** Laurence of Arabia, Fiddler on the Roof, Man of La Mancha (Sophia Loren), The Two of Us (French, black and white, Criterion), The Way Home (Korean), Gravity

*** Smoke Signals, Theory of Everything, Spotlight, Saving Mr. Banks, Forrest Gump, Hotel Rwanda, Philomena, Imitation Game, My Favorite Brunette, His Girl Friday, Rear Window

** What about Bob? Groundhog Day (almost were great movies but the endings were poorly done)

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Hi Kiss it's hard to answer but i chose movies which i watched it many times "Original Sin " and "Gia " by Angelina Jolie and "Edward Scissorhands " by Johnny Depp and "Roméo + Juliette " and The Great Gatsby by Leonardo DiCaprio Regular smile omgg i can't stop now

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I have
Tabaluga and Leo Christmas Adventure
Tabaluga the Movie (German Premiere 06th of December 2018 saw it on 8th of December 2018)
Detective Conan Episode ONE

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If I had to choose only one film would as soon the masterpiece of Sergio Leone "The Good the Bad and the Ugly"!

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Oh yeah, I forgot about E Scissorhands, wonderful movie. LC's performance as Romeo probably made many teen and tween hearts throb.

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We've already had something like this...
So, I'm not going for my favourite movies. The one I really watched over and over again and wouldn't mind to watch some more are
Finding Nemo
Ice Age (all of them, though the third one is my favourite)

Yeah, you guessed right - due to my kids. Still, I think those movies are true masterpieces. Make me see everytime I watch them something different, hear something more. I just love this.

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Great! Finding Nemo was good, although l prefer old Disney of 20th century. Wink smile

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You reminded me of Toy Story, which was a masterpiece. I thought Incredibles was very creative too, although I wasn't thrilled about the whole flaming baby head thing.

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Jungle Book, the original animated feature.

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WWII - Land of Mine, Dunkirk, Downfall, Sophie Scholl

Classic - Maltese Falcon, Treasure of Sierra Madre, Big Country (Gregory Peck, Frankenstein, Invisible Man, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Safety Last silent)

Scary - The Conversation

***** My Left Foot

Cheerful musical - Singin' in the Rain

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The Fifth Element, then, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. But I can't say that they are my favorite movies EVER. I love so many: ALL of Star Trek in any form. And Marvel Superheros Movies...Current Favorite: Thor: Ragnarok...The new season of Star Trek: Discovery just started last night...WOW....excellent...if you are going to watch it I suggest starting at the beginning and have some understanding of what Star Trek is in the first place....I have been there since the beginning in 1966...

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I thought the modern Star Trek movies were really good. Haven't seen the others.

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