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Buon pomeriggio a tutti, spero di non aver sbagliato a postare qui la mia domanda.
Sto cercando una persona che mi possa aiutare a tradurre una lettera non formale di 5 righe dall' italiano all' albanese.
Se siete disposti vi ringrazio molto.

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I think the person who might be able to help you is @CherryCrush who knows both languages.

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grazie- thanks
chiedero' a Cherry

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I'm not sure I'm able to translate very accurately as I'm still a learner and I make mistakes (I'm stronger in the other language pair, from Albanian to English/Italian), maybe you could ask one of our Native speakers for help? Many Albanians tend to know Italian in my experience Regular smile I'm currently on a holiday and my time is very limited unfortunately.

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Thank you the same. Good holidays

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