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I need to help for searching songs and singers in Catalan. I'm interested this language.
music styles: pop,electro,rock.

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Well, I do know a few songs that happen to be Andorran Eurovision entries. Here you go:
Jugarem a estimar-nos-Marta Roure
La mirada interior-Marian van der Wal
Sense tu-Jenny
Salvem el món-Anonymous (partially in English)
La teva decisió (Get a Life)-Susanna Georgi (partially in English)

All of these can be found on YouTube. Hope this helps!

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The vast majority of Catalan singers concentrate on trying to emulate whatever is popular in the UK or sing soft-rock, even though a few of them also do dance, reggae and ska (which are EXTREMELY popular, though not that common), hip hop and pure, harder rock.

Miquel Abras is a hugely successful soft-rock/pop singer/songwriter. This is one of his latest hits "Enviats Especials" (Special Envoys): . This is an older hit called "Em mires, et miro i rius" (You Look at Me, I Look at You and You Start Laughing) .

Els Pets are, without a single doubt, the biggest pop group in Catalonia. Before they decided to go more serious and transcendental around 2010, they made extremely catchy, bouncy, feel good pop, which was HUGELY successful. Now their music is less poppy, but still rather excellent. "Bon Dia" (Good Morning/Nice Day) is arguably their biggest hit: . "Agost" (August) is a bit more representative of their more recent material .

Els Catarres are one of the most successful bands of the latest years. They are a soft-rock/ska group and their songs are known for bouncy, poppy melodies and arrangements and very offensive lyrics. "Jenifer" is their biggest hit: . Here's another one of their hits, "Vull estar amb tu" (I Wanna be With You) : .

Aspencat are a rock/hip hop/reggae band from València, and their albums are extremely well produced. The rock version of their song "L'Herència" (The Legacy) was a massive hit a few years ago ( However, this is not representative of their songs, which tend to have a harder edge, such as in the song "Música neix de la ràbia" (Music Is Born From Rage) : .

Txarango is also very successful. They do pop/reggae/rock and Latin fusion. This is their latest hit "Agafant l'horitzó" (Grabbing The Horizon) : . This is a bit older, but also very representative of their material: "Músic de carrer" (Busker) .

Beth Rodergas is the official queen of Catalan pop (mainly because she has no competition whatsoever from other female singers, as most of them would rather sing is Spanish or French). She very occasionally does dance, but she mostly sings rock-infused pop, soft-rock and neo-folk. This is her latest hit "Ara i Aqui" (Here and Now): . "Terra trencada" (Cracked Earth) is arguably her biggest hit, and it is very Country-lite .

There are also pure rock groups like Sopa de Cabra, Sangtraït, Lanx'n'Busto and the former Sau (they disbanded in the late 90's, when the lead singer died), which are considered classics. They have had extremely long careers and are still massively successful, but I stopped following them a long time ago. However, I have always loved this song by Sangtraït. It's called "El vol de l'home ocell" (The Bird Man's Flight) .

I hope you find something to like. You will find several of these artists here, and most of them have lots of videos on YouTube. Good luck! :-)

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Thank you, guys and girls.
I like Beth and Aspencat. ^^ I hope I will can find books about Catalan language in my language for learning .It is so the uncommon language.

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I only know these three songs > / /

Checking the list of songs in Catalan could help you.

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One band in particular that I don't think got mentioned in the previous comments is Blaumut. Their single "Bicicletes" is really popular, and their music is accessible via YouTube: Another one of their songs that I like a lot are "Tornarem a casa" and "Vuit" I hope these will serve you well in your pursuit of learning a Romance language although foreign and unbeknownst to many outside of Europe.

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