[SOLVED] Latvian transliteration required

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Now here's an odd one for you:

Many years ago I used to know a girl from Latvia. She had a great love for languages and enjoyed learning song lyrics from other countries, that she would then recite at parties as her 'party piece'. One day (after she'd made me laugh trying to sing in Irish) I asked her - why don't you sing us a song in Latvian? So she did, and it was very beautiful (and quite haunting). And for a time after she could then make me go weak at the knees just by singing it.

Eventually (after many times listening to her sing) learned the song, for it was quite short. And I still remember it to this day and can still sing it - or at least... I remember and can sing the sounds of the words as best as you can remember a foreign song taught to you many years ago. But I've got absolutely no idea what the words mean. And herein lies the ask:

Written out below is a Westernised phonetic transliteration of the lyrics to the best of my memory; I'd love to find out what the words mean - but I couldn't post this as a direct request as I'm bereft of sufficient information - thus the forum post.

Stage 1:
I guess stage one here would be for someone who can speak Latvian to take a look (and try not to laugh), Is it possible to re-write my phonetic transliteration into correct Latvian?

Stage 2:
Next it would be great if that same person could provide a translation into English

Stage 3:
Finally, with this done, hopefully someone else might know the piece and could upload it with a video link as a new song so we can all enjoy and hear what I occasionally drone to myself poorly in the shower whenever I think back to those heady student days of laughing and learning foreign lyrics. Here goes:

Gauzi roud, zoulita
Ar-bear-lu darrza
Arbi-ley nokrita zeltarbolitis
Nera audi zouleeta dievs dara seetu
Nua vara, nua zelta, nua zudrabinia

Thanks in Advance for any help on this one Regular smile

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The song is called "Gauži raud saulīte"

Gauži raud saulīte ābeļu dārzā
Ābelei nokrita zelt ābolītis
Neraudi saulīte Dievs dara citu
No vara, no zelta, no sudrabiņa

Ko gan tā saulīte tik gauži rauda
Jūrā noslīka sudraba laiva
Neraudi saulīte Dievs dara citu
No vara, no zelta, no sudrabiņa

Ko gan tā saulīte tik gauži rauda
Rīgā pazuda dimanta rati
Neraudi saulīte Dievs dara citus
No vara, no zelta, no sudrabiņa

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdfdrnjSNvA

EDIT: I've yet to find it in English, other artists have sung this song (since it's a folk song).

I've made a request from Latvian to English for you here: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/request/gau%C5%BEi-raud-saul%C4%ABte

You will be notified when someone translates it.

Here are other versions of it:

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That was fast :-) Thank you so much Элен for your help.

I shall wait with baited breath for the translation.

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