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Hello, i find would someone who would translate my theme? to various language?. Thank you (please only a family spokesperson or someone who really understands the language.)

Link here:

Thank you all behind cooperation Regular smile

PS: i'm sorry admins, if it does not belong here.

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Huh how does that work I went to the page it said that I should log in into the page I did so and then after that the page turned into a Czech Page creating Page and If I copy then the Link into my Adress Bar and return to the page then the page says again Log In though I'm Logged In

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Go to this page and sign in there Username: translate Password: translate

If it does not get you back, go to this link
It is all Regular smile

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Links removed by the way, that sort of thing isn't allowed.

So let me get this straight (warning: do not get offended), you want users to translate your "theme" to 50+ languages? I think this is a lot of free work you're asking for. I think you should be looking at other sites whose profession is to take such tasks, not a site that translates lyrics. You're better off asking users in the languages you're looking for here and see if anyone is interested.

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Thank you and i'm sorry

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