What language are these songs in?

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Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago, I put in some lyrics requests for 2 Yaba Angelosi songs (Junubia and Shamarrat).

The artist, Yaba Angelosi is from South Sudan, so the songs could be in the Juba dialect of Arabic, or Swahili, which are two common languages in South Sudan, according to my research. It could also be in one of the indigenous languages.

Based on my (admittedly rather limited) experience with Swahili, I doubt it's Swahili, but I'm leaving that possibility open in case someone knows more about Swahili than me.

Anyway, now that my rambling is over, I'm posting here because I took down my transcription requests. Once I find out the language these two songs are in, I will repost them, to make it easier for everyone.

Here are the YouTube links:

Junubia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4DlN4UZx8E
Shamarrat: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=79Uv1DfYGNE

So if anyone can identify what language this in, I would be super grateful. It would be even better if you could transcribe the lyrics, but that's not necessary. All I really need to know is what language these are

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I don't think it's in Swahili. I studied arabic and it seems like an arabic dialect, so I suppose it's in Juba Arabic (an Arabic-based creole), but I'm not sure...


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Yeah I'm pretty sure it's not Swahili too

But it really didn't sound like Arabic to me either

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Most of the words I hear are Arabic with few English words, and a language that sounds like a local language. The title of the first song means "Southern (girl)". Some of the words and terms I heard:

habbibi "my love"
nori (my light)
sukkar "sugar"
ana leffo dunya ma elqa zay enta " i go around the world but can't find one like you"

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The second one is mostly in Arabic, the title is a Sudanese Arabic word that means "gossip" or interfering in other people's business.

In the second song he complains about the fact that will talk about whatever he is doing and add more to the story, which may damage his reputation.

The language used here is the Sudanese Arabic with some local influences from other languages. So the accent is hard to understand sometimes. I doubt even if you put the request up that anyone would fulfill it.

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Thank you. I'll still put it up in case someone wants to try.

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