H-E-E-L-Lpppppppp, Please How do I builmy profile

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I am registered. I have no idea how I can now update my profile to let everyone know who I am and what I can. I AM able to read forums .... so any advice will be visibel to me.

Look forward to joining the rest of you.

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Sad smile :~ Sad smile to 8) :steve: Regular smile Thanks

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Go to the upper right corner of the website and move the mouse cursor to your user name, then click on "profile" on the drop down menu, there you can edit it.

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Also, I noticed it was helpful to have my own translation done first.
Would you start doing something: upload your own translation or translate someone's request?
Then, you'd be treated as a "Junior Member" or something like that.
It is better than simply "Novice".

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Hi Lonja,

Thank you for your wise suggestions.
Happy to start by translating for someone else - that is, in response to a request.

One set of translations I did was of a song Tu Misterio ,published on GOTAN 3.0 performed by Daniel Melingo. He is an Argentinian multi-faceted musician and performance artist who specialises in interpretation of Tango. Lyrics to his songs are in Spanish with Lunfardo (Buenos AIres underworld 'slang').Fascinating material. I translated the Spanish into English, German and Hungarian. I can produce the text ...... when I find it, soon.

So,thanks for your suggestions - very helpful.

Love, Peace , Light and Joy

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