A Hebrew word and diacritics

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I was typing in some lyrics from a booklet I have, and at the beginning of one song some Hebrew word is written: https://www.dropbox.com/s/470x1zw7e0i6568/Bild%20%2848%29.jpg?dl=0
but I don't think it's actually sung.
I was told it reads "תרוס". According to Google Translate that means "destroy".
Could someone tell me what it actually means?
Also, as you can see on the scan there are some diacritics. Does someone here know what they mean?

For context, it's this song here: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/shaarimoth-beast-lawlessness-lyrics.html

In the album's lyrics are also a few other Hebrew terms but I might be able to figure out those myself

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its "תרוס"
the shutters of the window are closed
the word is mean to the shutters themself to the active that they close
its like close door and open gate .....

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write here if u have more words

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Oh, I somehow overlooked your reply!
Thanks - I'm just not sure whether I understand your words?
Does "תרוס" means "closed shutters"? Or "closed" as an adjective? Or "shutters"?

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Hi! i don't know the meaning. the letters are Hebrew but there is nothing with "shutter".
there is small signs above the letters and when i type it as it is in google,it bring me to the "Babylonian Talmud"

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Thanks for any replies.
In case anyone is interested, I have now been informed by another user about the probable meaning of the term and the diacritics and added a footnote to the lyrics.

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